Sicily, a crossroads of the Mediterranean, an island with different landscapes, cultures, civilizations and colors, blended harmoniously together. This is the soul of AITNA strictly linked to the Sicilian legendary history, the history of its plants, unique and precious because they belong to the volcanic soils.
That’s the land that has seen the rule of greek, arabian, normand and spanish civilizations, the land where the most famous European artists found inspiration, thanks to the beauty of its luxuriant nature and mood.
For thousands of years our essences are protected and collected for endless and original uses. The uniqueness of these extracts comes from the slopes and valleys that surround the "Throne of the Mountain", the Aítnè, name that the ancients gave to the volcano, now known all over the world as Mount Etna.
According to these reasons, our company has concentrated the research on the properties of the territory and on the extraordinary effects of its extracts on the beauty’s body.
To obtain the benefits of these precious elements, we choose them to develop our products, and thanks to wise formulations of varieties of plants, fruits and components of our ground, nourished by the sun and enriched by the scent of the sea, that we can achieve an inimitable result: 99% natural.
We produce handcrafted creams, essential oils, soaps and the whole range of products containing extracts who has volcanic and Mediterranean origins that give to our skin precious beauty effects, the result of effective and natural treatments.
That's why in modern times, like today's aide mediators, we work the ancient fruits of the Essences of the Volcano and the Mediterranean for all lovers of beauty and pure.