We prepare our products in a modern factory located at the foot of the volcano Etna in a beautiful landscape.
Thanks to the contribution of researchers, botanists, phytochemists, physiologists, cosmetologists who research and study to offer innovation and excellence, we formulate the best preparations in cleanroom laboratories.
From the laboratory to the production, from the pilot lots to the industrial scale, the step is short. With Modern machineries and artisan care we produce every formulated product.
The bulk preparation and the further filling of jars, tubes and vials also takes place inside a cleanroom ISO8 classified according to the ISO14644-1 rules, where all the product parameters defined during the laboratory activity are strictly observed.
The production area, equipped with turboemulsifiers, mixers, volumetric dosers, grants a bulk production capacity of several thousand Kg, allowing us to respect the leadtime agreed with our customers with maximum precision.
The use of local raw materials and a short supply chain have beneficial effects on the environmental impact of the site.