«… Aítnè snowy, column of the sky of acute perennial frost nurse narrows it. Gushing from secret caverns, pure sources of horrible fire, rivers in the day pouring out a stream of livid smoke and in the night rolling with vigorous flashes of rocks leading to the deep descent of the sea, with a crash. "Pindar.

Thus begins, 3,000 years ago, the legend of the Nymph Aitna, Daughter of Uranus the Sky and of Gea the Earth and of her Aitni knights, rebels and strong Sicilian warriors, servants and guardians in the Simeto valley of the secrets of the god fire Hephaestus, husband of Aitna and father of his Palidi twins
The legend tells about the struggle between Zeus and Tifeo, half man and half beast, half-brother of Aitna, and how the actions of the brave Aitni knights thundered across the valley when Typhon tried to hit Zeus to drive him away. The Nymph Aitna, an ally of Zeus, expressed Zeus' desire for victory to them, and the Aitni bewitched by her luminous beauty, pleased her by trapping and burying Tifeo man-beast, defeated, inside the mountain.
God fire Hephaestus generously rewarded the brave Aitni warriors, making the whole valley of the Simeto fertile and lush with plants and giving them the sacred power of herbal science and the knowledge of body care.

Even today it is said that when Etna erupts fire and lapilli, it is actually the anger of Typhon that is unleashed against its historic enemy Zeus.
And still today we are amazed by the virtuous flora that grows on Etna, Terra di Fuoco.
Precious flora nourished from the bowels of the volcano and proud of the sea wind.
Embarking on the journey in this enchanted place, to which it is impossible to resist, from the vineyards to the lava roads, up to the top snow, has teached us over the years how to work the fruits of our territories, how to use their precious properties by combining the herbal wisdom inherited by the ancients and the warrior passion of Aitna people for Beauty, giving life to a safe, effective and absolutely natural cosmetic line, AITNA.